Hello everybody,


I hope that you and your close ones are in good health and that you all keep your spirit high.

Despite these difficult times, forced to stay home and yet in such a privileged situation compared to those who have to face fear and despair daily,

I am sending some works you may want to look at.

Don't hesitate to call or write I have plenty times for you.

Take good care and come to your window every night at 8 to connect and applaud the medical team who are working hard for us.

Take good care of your self and stay home.



The selfish giant :


You can find "the selfish giant" on Youtube. You have the transcript with "gaps you have to fill in" and then the full transcript


Johnny Cash - In the garden (lyrics) (Youtube)

Bees :

Why are bees important ?

You will find 2 documents attached.

One is the directions to find the video about "the disappearance of bees" on internet.

What I sent before gave you an idea of this new topic.

So please listen and watch the video first and then use the transcript.

Exercises will follow.

Enjoy the video. Even if it is a bit difficult at first, keep listening and listening and listening.

Good luck.

Take good care of your self and your family and friends.

See you soon I hope